Take action

1. Be creative!
Come up with a performance or activity that you will dedicate to Mother Earth during our 10 week event. Whether it is only you or a larger group is not important; what is important is connection and intention! Learn more and register your event here.
2. Be proactive!
Share this event with your friends as well as any community groups or organizations you think will be interested!
Share the invitation to register as well as the global event flyer.
3. Be connected!
Join our Facebook page to learn about the new 8000 drums events being registered each day!
Join the World Conscious Pact (WCP) community online to educate yourself and others, support causes, sign petitions and promote the causes you care about to the WCP community! WCP welcomes new information and causes from anyone wishing to protect Mother Earth and Her rights.
4. Do all of the above in consciousness and love!
“8000 Drums, Prayers and Conch Shells for Mother Earth” is focused on honoring indigenous traditions, promoting global consciousness and encouraging environmental activism.
In this way we share joy and gratitude, so that together we can develop a higher consciousness and fight to protect Mother Earth. Do not miss a minute, because we have nothing guaranteed in the future. The only sure thing is our ability to put in effort now to become real activists, activists of heart and consciousness. Activist means acting in a consistent manner with the common ideals in every aspect of life.
Volunteer Handbook
How to organize a mass participation in the territory to which you belong?
Get organized for the event to be nourished and manifest the vision of transforming consciousness through the vibration of the drums of our heart. The first step is to recognize your role in the team according to your skills and possibilities. That’s why we present this organic design inspired in Mother Nature, so that everyone can assume a roll,
Lion: It is the one that energizes the ceremony in each place, it’s responsible for:
* Leading the event in its community or city and articulating the team and the participants.
* Getting the best out of the team and minimizing blockages, in order to generate unity, solidarity and harmony.
* Registering the event on this website.
Monkey: It is the artist who plays and creates strategies to perform the event. Its function is to support the lion in the different tasks: communication, coordination, creation, resource management.
Spider: It is the weaver. It joins together individuals, organizations, networks and processes in a common purpose. Its function is to build bridges between the contacts and the organizations.
Bee: It is the pollinator. It takes the message from one place to another and sweetens with the honey of the ideas. It is an active part of the team’s communication and dissemination.
Ant: It is the production and logistics team captain.
Bear: It hugs the event with all its love and welcomes everyone in the team and participants.
Let’s join forces and protect Mother Earth and her rights together!
8000 drums, conch shells and prayers festival to initiate a New Age of consciousness. Let’s join forces and protect Mother Earth and her rights together!

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Let's unite in this song

♪ We drum for peace, we drum for love
we drum for peace, for the earth at least
for west and east, for north and south
a love celebration feast