8000 drums of the prophecy

The Ceremony of 8000 Sacred Drums is part of the ancient Otomi culture and tradition, and it has a history of at least four thousand years, from the ancient holy city of Cuicuilco. According to oral history, with the eruption of Xitle volcano, a pilgrimage arrived at the Valley of Toluca and founded the Sacred City of Ndongu (located in the actual Sierra Otomi of Temoaya), where this tradition was continued.
With the arrival of the Aztecs to the Valley of Mexico almost 700 years ago, the city of Ndongu was called “Xiquipilco”, which means “Place of the Eight Thousand”, as this place had been used to gather 8000 drums for rituals, ceremonies, healings and holidays. This tradition developed for celebrations and important dates, to honor the Ceremonial Centers and Sacred Places, and especially to maintain harmony with Mother Earth and the Universe.
The emblem of their banner contained the symbol of the mountain, and in the center a bag with three fringes, which was reproduced in the sacred books and codices such as the Xiquipilco and Huamantla. This pictographic element represents the number 8000 in the vigesimal (20 based) Otomi system of Numeration, and in its cosmic vision. The symbolic representation of this number is associated with the most sublime virtues of the Universe.
All of the legacy of the great Olmec-Teotihuacan-Toltec civilization, the entire cultural heritage and ancient wisdom, were kept secret and held sacred for more than five centuries by the Otomi descendants. This collective memory resurfaced, and continues to live in its traditional social organization, in its medicine, ancestral worldview and spirituality, and in its culture of peace, love and respect for Mother Earth. It is recreated in its artistic manifestations, in the sacred amate bark paper, in the language, and in monumental structures such as the majestic Otomi Ceremonial Center.
This is how the Elders and the Guardians of Ancient Wisdom have forewarned of the changes in Mother Earth, of the acceleration of Time, of the evolutionary processes, of the codes and laws that govern Harmony in the Universe. In this way our Elders have shared with us lessons of life, handed down from generation to generation, including methods and techniques for healing and how to bring ourselves into harmony to regain our love of life.
This is how they revealed to us the Ceremony of the 8000 Sacred Drums and the Medicine of Primordial Sound, affirming that for thousands of years, together with the Ancestral Culture of Peace, Love, Respect, and Mutual Support, the harmonic sounds of the Sacred Drums, Musical Instruments, Songs and Prayers emitted appropriately in specific frequencies and in elevated states of consciousness on the Spiritual plane, generate a powerful Vibrational Medicine. The sound of the Sacred Drums produces Waves of Divine Energy, capable of eliminating crystallizations and blockages in any dimension of the Body, allowing humans to regain health on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual levels.
According to the Otomi Elders and Wisdom Keepers, these ancient sounds and cosmic ceremonies, accompanied by significant planetary actions, may also contribute to Individual and Collective Harmony and Healing in the relationships between families, tribes, communities, populations, cities and entire regions on the five continents. In the same way, they can heal habitats and bioregions such as jungles, forests, and deserts. They can help purify the environment, the atmosphere, the Air and the Waters of the Lakes, Lagoons, Rivers, Seas and Oceans. The result of the Circles of Harmony, the worldwide meditations, the Collective Offerings of Gratitude, massive concerts and Ceremonies provided in the World Gathering for the Healing of Mother Earth and for Peace planned at the World for the Healing of Mother Earth and Peace, as with the 8000 Sacred Drums – Mountain, Desert – are highly favorable for raising the vibrational frequency of specific places, in towns and cities, for the purpose of restoring balance to degraded and contaminated places.
8000 drums, conch shells and prayers festival to initiate a New Age of consciousness. Let’s join forces and protect Mother Earth and her rights together!

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Let's unite in this song

♪ We drum for peace, we drum for love
we drum for peace, for the earth at least
for west and east, for north and south
a love celebration feast